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Annual Meeting of the Quebec
Shipbuilding Supply Chain

Shipbuilding: A World of Opportunities

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The Annual Meeting of the Quebec Shipbuilding Supply Chain attracts experts from all sectors of the industry, as well as prime contractors and major suppliers in the field. Take advantage of this opportunity to network and dialogue with a captive audience of senior government officials, international delegations and key decision-makers in the Quebec and Canadian shipbuilding industry.

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Monday November 6, 2023



Breakfast I InnovMarine

07 h 45

Official opening

Mr. André Y. Komlosy,

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the AFCDC

K. Lindsey Kettel

Vice President principale Davie

Mr. Bernard Drainville

Member for Lévis, Minister of Education, Minister Responsible for the Chaudière-Appalaches Region

Gilles Lehouillier

Mayor of Lévis

M. Richard Tremblay

President of Charl-Pol and of the Exhibitors’ Trade Show

M. Raymond Marcoux

Vice President Project Development at EBC and President of the B2B Event

Sylvain Racine

Director, Centre Desjardins Entreprises, Lévis-Lotbinière Bellechasse

08 h 15

Discussion Group | InnovMarine

The importance of the supply chain for the growth of shipyards across Quebec
Participants :

Madalina Verban, Director of Supply, Davie

Sylvie Laporte, Director, Specialized Equipment Procurement and Subcontracts, Davie

Jean-Philippe Brunet, Executive Vice President – Corporate Affairs and Partnerships, Groupe Océan

Martin Lepage, Director of Supply and Infrastructure, Groupe Océan

Jean-David Samuel, President and CEO, Chantier naval Forillon

09 h 00

Innovation Panel | Thales

Présented by Thales

Supercharge Staff to Lower Stress on Human Ressources
A discussion that will address the current context and its constraints. Human resources are likely to remain limited for several years, so it is important to propose optimal practices to support productivity. Innovation is necessarily the way to achieve this, discover the ways favored by our panelists to maximize the benefits within companies in the naval sector.
Participants :

Francois Rioux, Digital Champion – Defence & Security, Thales Canad

François Rioux drives digital transformation within Thales Canada Defense & Security and its customers and manages a portfolio of research and innovation initiatives. With Thales since 2010, François has held various positions ranging from software developer to software system architect to project design authority for programs supporting the Canadian Army and the Royal Canadian Navy.

Christophe Lecapitaine, Marine & Offshore Industry Solution Experience Director, Dassault Systems

Christophe Lecapitaine worked for Dassault Systèmes for 17 years in the Marine R&D department, developing applications for shipbuilding in various countries (USA, India, South Korea). For the last five years, he has been attached to the Marine & Offshore Industry unit, whose mission is to help customers with the digital transformation of their processes.

Éric Dion, Director, Partnerships and Industrial advice to businesses, Investissement Québec-CRIQ

Éric Dion helps Québec businesses identify and implement their technology projects with the goal of increasing their productivity and competitiveness. These businesses benefit from his knowledge of the network of innovation partners and subsidy programs that can help launch or sustain businesses’ technological shift and innovate processes and products.

Bruno Civera, Director, Production Engineering and Planning. Davie

Prior to joining Davie in January 2021, Bruno Civera worked for Chantiers de l’Atlantique for four years, notably in Saint-Nazaire and as Construction Site Manager in Italy. He has also worked for ENI in London as Head FLNG Development, Storage, Loading and Marine. Previously, between 2002 and 2013, he held various positions in France, China, Korea and Australia for Veritas.

10 h 00

Pause and Refreshment

10 h 45

Showcase Workshops

Showcase | ABS

Location: 205

Everything a Supplier Needs to Know About Required Approvals and Certifications
Speaker: Matthew Chakala, Senior Technical Advisor – Type Approval Program, ABS
ABS Type Approval Program to streamline the acceptance of equipment and components. Discuss tiers of approval, process, and its benefits. * The presentation will be given in English. ABS colleague, Michel Labrie will be standing by to assist with French language questions and answers as required.

Showcase | GE Vernova

Presented by Pomerleau

Location: 101 B

SeaJet* POD 1.5 to 15MW: a unique opportunity for Canadian companies to join GE’s POD supply chain
Speaker: Lionel Julliand, Senior systems Engineer, Centre of Excellence in Belfort, France.
Lionel Julliand leads the development of the marine Pod propulsors for GE Vernova’s global business. His team has designed and developed a range of Pods in the power range of 2.5MW to 22MW, under product names Mermaid, Inovelis, and Seajet. Lionel’s team expertise includes strengths in hydrodynamics, electro mechanical, thermal, structural, process, installation, commissioning and servicing expertise. Lionel will highlight our Pod technology and highlight GE Vernova’s interest in adding Canadian companies to the Pod supply chain.

Showcase | Canadian Marine Industries and Shipbuilding Association

Presented by Kiewit

Location: 206

An overview of shipbuilding in Canada: seizing opportunities from coast-to-coast
Speaker: Colin Cooke, President and CEO of the Canadian Marine Industries and Shipbuilding Association
Originally established with the support of companies primarily in Quebec and Ontario, Colin launched CMISA in 2019, building on the legacy of the venerable Canadian Shipbuilding Association. Since then, the association has developed into a true national body currently with around 100 companies from sea to sea to (almost) sea. CMISA is based in Ottawa and is growing strongly.

Showcase| Almaco

Presented by GBV Avocats

Location : 101 A

Integration in shipbuilding: the need for a reliable supply chain
Speakers: Joseph Kerebel, Business development manager, ALMACO and Tapio Sallinen, Vice-President Design & Engineering, ALMACO Accommodation division.
After a short presentation of the business of ALMACO to provide some context to the workshop; as a solution provider for accommodations and a systems integrator, ALMACO will show how he’s meeting the requirements of its clients in terms of specifications, delivery times and costs with its own supply chain while dealing with clients with various contracts specifications.

12 h 00

Lunch & Conference | Presented by the City of Sorel-Tracy

Presentation of the Quebec Naval Supply Chain Register by Mr. Pierre Drapeau, CEO of the AFCDC

Speech by Lindsay Kettel, Vice President principale Davie

Speech by Mr. Patrick Péloquin, Mayor of Sorel-Tracy

Speech by the Honorable Jean-Yves Duclos, Minister of Public Services and Procurement

13 h 30

Showcase Workshops

Showcase | Marmen

Location: 101 B

Innovation and Industrial Productivity: Design and manufacture of customized industrial equipment
Speakers: Dany Allen, Senior Project Manager – Design and Special Projects and Gwenael Le Pen, Account Manager – Business Development
As a manufacturing partner to major OEMs, Marmen is constantly seeking the best solutions to the challenges of performance, health and safety, productivity, and competitiveness. The boldness and creativity of the Design and Engineering teams have enabled Marmen to develop unique and innovative tools to meet its own needs, but also to draw on this expertise to provide turnkey solutions for customers, including high-precision machining, production tooling, automation or even handling and lifting. Marmen invites you to discover some of its designs.

Showcase | Medial Services-conseils SST

Location: 101 A

How to navigate health and safety modernization in your workplace with our digital solution
Speaker: Mathieu Couture, Health & Safety Manager, Medial Services-Conseils SST
Have you been hearing about changes in OHS legislation for some time now? The LMRSST? The interim regime? Mathieu will give you a quick overview of the various changes. He will then share his vision of current and future changes with you, using a simple, practical approach. And finally: What really needs to be done? To meet your new challenges, Medial has developed a collaborative OHS management platform. It’s an excellent starting point for facilitating OHS management and applying new regulatory measures quickly and easily. Come and find out more about your various obligations and how Medial can support you in your efforts.

Showcase | Innovmarine and Ennovia

Location: 206

International Innovation: Transforming the Marine Supply Chain
Speakers: William Champagne, Strategic Account Manager, InnovMarine, David Lachance, Product development manager, InnovMarine and Ronan Perez, Sales Engineer, Ennovia
The complementary expertise between InnovMarine & Ennovia allows to bring to North america an innovative solution to improve the reliability centered maintenance for vessels, shipyards & the entire supply chain. This partnership will aso provide an opportunity to cover the entire ship lifecycle, from construction to maintenance.

14 h 30

Decarbonization Panel | EXP

Presented by EXP

Carbon-free energy sources: Multiple Perspectives and Supply Chain Challenges
The transition to cleaner technologies and fuels has begun. Significant investments will be required now and in the coming years to ensure the success of this major transformation. The technological choices we make now will have long-term effects and are critical to maintaining productivity in the shipbuilding and marine industries.
Participants :

Julie Beauséjour, Senior Vice-president, International – EXP

Julie Beauséjour is a senior water treatment engineer specialized in purification with a doctorate in urban planning, notably for infrastructures. Involved in research and development. She is a pioneer in the analysis of infrastructure vulnerability to climate change as well as adaptation and resilience plans. Julie has over 10 years of experience in the decarbonation of infrastructures, industries and buildings, which she utilizes to support her clients towards a sustainable energy transition.

Louis Choinière, Vice-president of fixed assets, Société des Traversiers du Québec

A graduate in naval architecture from the Institut maritime du Québec, a field in which he worked for almost 10 years, Mr. Choinière then obtained the title of Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in 2015 and continued his journey by exploring the financial and technological sectors. In 2018, he returned to the maritime world by joining STQ. His expertise leads him to work on several operational and strategic files. He manages more than one billion dollars in assets and is also responsible for major infrastructure and shipbuilding projects for STQ.

Jean Nolet, General Manager, Coop Carbone

Jean Nolet is one of Canada’s most experienced experts on carbon markets and climate change issues. He has worked in these fields for more than twenty-five years, in the world of university research and in various Quebec ministries, before founding ÉcoRessources in 2004. He has since directed or participated in more than one hundred studies in various economic sectors.

Serge Michaud, Research and Development Project Manager, Davie

Serge Michaud is a marine engineer with over 30 years of experience in many aspects of the maritime industry. He is employed by Chantier Davie Canada as Manager of Engine Research and Development. His mandate is to oversee and execute Davie’s R&D program for future marine fuels. Serge leads an integrated project team consisting of academic, government and industrial partners.

15 h 45

Pause and Refreshment

16 h 00

Showcase Workshops

Showcase | PIXCELL - Leaders Recruiting Leaders and Exeo Attorneys

Location: 101 A

International Recruitment – Immigration – Integration and Commitment: Avoiding Pitfalls
Speaker: François Piché-Roy, President – Managing Partner | PIXCELL | Leaders recruiting Leaders and Laurence C. Trempe, Partner, Exeo Attorneys
From the complex work permit process to the challenges of cultural adaptation, recruitment and professional integration, our immigration and executive search experts will help you navigate the common pitfalls and prevent them proactively.

Showcase | ESI and Qohash

Location: 206

Cybersecurity and Digital Resilience for Supply Chains
Speaker: Marc Veilleux, Executive Vice-President, Custumer Success, ESI Technologies
Join us for a crucial exploration of the central role of cybersecurity in securing modern supply chains. ESI Technologies, as a service expert, and Qohash, as an innovative solutions provider, present cutting-edge strategies to safeguard your organization against cyber threats while shedding light on vulnerabilities, risks, and advanced solutions. Don’t miss this opportunity to strengthen your supply chain defenses and protect the future of your organization. Meet industry experts and leave with tangible strategies to stay ahead in the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape, managing supply chain risks in line with regulations, and ensuring the continuity of your operations

Showcase | AGT Robotic

Location: 101 B

The Revolutionary Shift: The Age of Intelligent Technologies, from AI to Robotics
Speaker: Étienne Blouin, Viece-President, International, AGT Robotik
The presentation on smart technologies highlights the rapid evolution of the market and emphasizes that all competitors are evolving rapidly. In just a few years, the sector has moved from a mechanical to a robotic orientation, marking an industrial revolution. Technological growth, particularly in the areas of AI and robotics, is reaching extraordinary levels, contributing to a «Big V» evolution of the industry. The importance of processes, different approaches, with appropriate programming software are an essential need to have a vision and recognition of the world of tomorrow

18 h 00

Evening Reception | Desjardins

Cocktail & Buffet – Musical Guest: The Lost Fingers

Guests of honor:

Mr. Marc Villeneuve

Vice President Business Development and Outreach, Business Services, Desjardins

James Davies

President and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Christopher Skeete

Member for Sainte-Rose, Minister for the Economy, Minister Responsible for the Fight Against Racism, Minister Responsible for the Laval Region

Presentation of the AFCDC Recognition Awards with :

Gilles Lehouillier

Mayor of Lévis

Charles Milliard

CEO of the Federation of Quebec Chambers of Commerce

André Y. Komlosy

President of the AFCDC Board of Directors

Unveiling of the upcoming International Economic Missions Program

by Mr. Pierre Drapeau, CEO of the AFCDC

Tuesday November 7, 2023



Breakfast | Promotion Saguenay

07 h 45



Opening remarks from Jean-Pierre Gauthier, Senior Vice-President, Construction Kiewit Cie.

Speech by Ms. Julie Dufour

Mayor of Ville de Saguenay

08 h 15

Presentation of Nereus by Mr. Stéphane Claisse

Presentation of the study «Shipbuilding and Naval Maintenance in Quebec» by Stéphane Claisse from TVT Innovation/System Factory.
from System Factory

08 h 45

Speech by Juhana Vartiainen, mayor Helsinki, and Kim Salmi, CEO, Helsinki Shipyard OY

09 h 00

Labour Force Training Panel | Medial Services-conseils SST

Presented by Medial Services-conseils SST

Help develop new educational programs to meet current and emerging needs
Interactions that will address the challenges and gaps, present existing good practices and the importance of strengthening them, and highlight the gains that can be made by proactive companies in terms of vocational training in the maritime sector.
Participants :

Julie Gasse, Director of continuing education and organizational development for the Collège de Rimouski

Creative and dedicated, Julie Gasse has acquired over 20 years of experience in the management of innovative projects and the improvement of organizational processes. She is motivated by change and emerging approaches. Her professional experiences have led her to undertake institutional and large-scale projects for certain industries, including forest products processing, marine transportation, shipbuilding and supply chain management. She considers the synergy of strengths as a valuable driving force toward innovation and business development.

Marcel Curodeau, President of Medial Services-conseils SST

Marcel Curodeau is an entrepreneur and businessman renowned for his visionary leadership and ability to develop innovative solutions to improve occupational health and safety. Over the past 40 years, Mr. Curodeau has developed a pioneering vision and expertise in occupational health and safety and wellness. Under his leadership, MEDIAL has become an industry benchmark, offering customized solutions to companies.Through his involvement with various organizations, Marcel has made a significant contribution to the promotion of safe and healthy work environments, while establishing valuable partnerships with key players in the field.

Benoit Chassé, Senior Vice-President, Human Resources, Davie

Benoit Chassé joined Davie in 2019 and has more than 30 years of experience as a human resources, occupational health and safety and communications leader in Canada and internationally in the aerospace, mining and metals, marine and shipbuilding industries. Benoit is responsible for Davie’s human resources strategy, including succession planning, talent management, labour relations and overall compensation.

Étienne Talbot, Director, Développement économique de Lévis

Étienne Talbot joined the organization Opération Nez Rouge, where for nearly a decade he successively held the positions of coordinator, assistant to the president, director of operations, executive vice-president and general manager. In 2010, he joined the administration of the Quebec City administration as director of the Tourism development and Events office. Then, he joined the Commission de la capitale nationale du Québec as director of development and promotion. Since July 2023, Etienne Talbot has been director of economic development and promotion at the City of Lévis.

Thierry Soriano, Vice-president delegated to the development of strategic axes, Université de Toulon, France

University Professor in Automation at the SEATECH Engineering School, part of the University of Toulon, Thierry Soriano is currently focusing his research on control and decision systems for swarm robots. Among his many responsibilities, he is an expert for the Environment and Energy Management Agency in the «Ship of the Future» program and for the European Commission H2020 in the «Port Security» program.

10 h 00

Pause and Refreshment

10 h 30

Showcase Workshops

Showcase | Public Services and Procurement Canada

Location: 101 A

Marine Procurement Outlook.
Speaker: Marc Baril – Senior Director Marine Sustainment Directorate Public Services and Procurement Canada
Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) will provide an overview of upcoming opportunities for the Canadian marine industry in doing business with Canada.

Showcase | ABS

Location: 101 B

Everything a Supplier Needs to Know About Required Approvals and Certifications
Speaker: Matthew Chakala, Senior Technical Advisor – Type Approval Program, ABS
ABS Type Approval Program to streamline the acceptance of equipment and components. Discuss tiers of approval, process, and its benefits. * The presentation will be given in English. ABS colleague, Michel Labrie will be standing by to assist with French language questions and answers as required.

Showcase | Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC)

Location: 101 A

Opportunities for the supply chain to do business with the Government of Canada

11 h 45

Lunch & Conference | Ville de Lévis

Speech by James Davies, President and Chief Executive Officer

Speech by Mr. Pierre Fitzgibbon, Member for Terrebonne, Minister of Economy, Innovation and Energy, Minister Responsible for Regional Economic Development, Minister Responsible for the Metropolis and the Montréal Region

Speech by Mr. Gilles Lehouillier, Mayor of Lévis

Speech by Marc Villeneuve Vice President Business Development and Outreach, Business Services, Desjardins

Speech by Pierre Pomerleau, Executive Chair of the Board of Directors, Pomerleau

13 h 30

Davie Special Event

Presentation by Chantier Davie Canada

Will be in attendance:

Lindsey Kettel

Senior Vice-President, Strategic Development

Richard Alie

Vice-President, Operations

Pascale Tabet

Vice-présidente, Shipyard Upgrade and Integration

Sylvie Laporte

Director, Specialized Equipment Procurement and Subcontracts

Marcel Poulin

Director, External Affairs and Industrial Participation

15 h 00


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